Dental Discount Plan FAQ

Are there any exclusions?

All dental procedures are covered. Please note: visits that require a pediatric dentist are not considered a reduced fee service and general anesthesia is not provided at Brighter Dental Care locations. Should the need for such arise, the member shall be referred to a local dental office where such service is available and the member will be responsible for the fee charged by such dental office.

Is this Dental Insurance?

No, this is not dental insurance.  The Brighter Dental Direct Plan is a dental discount program that allows for reduced professional fees for services performed.

Do I Have To Visit Specific Offices?

Yes, the advantages of our plans are only available at a Brighter Dental Care location. With offices throughout NJ and a complete team of doctors, we are confident that your family will receive the highest quality of dental care at a location near you.

Brighter Dental Care has a full team of general dentists and all specialists at each of their offices. Visit their website to see the list of current dentist office locations.  With many state-of-the-art facilities and expansion plans to cover of all of New Jersey, you will have complete coverage no matter where you live!

How Much Does The Plan Cost?

Do members have to file any claim forms?

No, there are no claim forms, no deductibles and no pre-authorizations required. Simply pay the reduced professional fee at the time of treatment.

What if I’ve already started treatment?

Sorry, the benefits of our dental discount plan are not available for treatment already started.

Do I get a membership card?

No, once you are setup, the offices will verify your membership without the need for a card.

What about Emergency Dental Work?

Don’t worry, you have coverage! Contact the Brighter Dental Care office of your choice. Brighter Dental Care and its staff treat emergencies with the highest degree of care and always have a doctor on call. If your emergency occurs during office hours, arrangements will be made to evaluate your condition. If your emergency occurs after office hours, the doctor on call will provide a prompt response. Of course, if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, you should visit your closest hospital immediately.

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