Dental Discount Plans for Businesses

A Dental Discount Plan That Fits Your Company’s Budget And Objectives

You will have plenty of flexibility when you purchase the Brighter Dental Direct Plan, which lets your company determine the employer contribution on a case by case basis and has no waiting periods or rules regarding who you have to offer this coverage to.

The Right Dental Plan For Your Company

  • Comprehensive dental benefits will allow you to attract and retain employees
  • Once enrolled, all of the administrative burdens will be handled by our trained professionals
  • Your company will save thousands of dollars a year with a dental discount plan that isn’t overpriced or oversold by insurance brokers
  • Larger businesses have an advantage, not only can they pay higher salaries, but they are able to offer dental plans at better rates to their employees. This makes it harder for small to mid-sized businesses to compete for the same employees

Happy Teeth – Happy Employees

According to a report by the U.S. Surgeon General, employees lose about 164 million hours annually due to dental disease or dental treatment visits. A quality dental discount plan can mean better health and fewer sick days for you and your employees.

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