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“As the managing partner of a local law firm, offering dental benefits was essential for employing the best and brightest employees. The Brighter Dental Direct Plan allows me to compete for this employee pool and at the same time, it keeps my employees happy and productive. The best part is that a comparable benefit costs thousands of dollars more. I would recommend this plan to any business or firm interested in growing their business and finding the best team of employees!”

D. SilversteinLaw firm managing partner

“After leaving corporate banking and developing my own finance company, it was immediately apparent that my employees demanded top notch benefits. This is what they were used to having and this is what big firms were offering. To stay competitive and retain this talent, I shopped through a dozen dental plans. They were all outrageously expensive. The Brighter Dental Direct Plan is a great plan, it allows us to control costs, it gives our employees a dental benefit that they feel comfortable with, and it can be set-up the way we wanted it. Thanks Quality Health Care Group.”

M. McTigueFounder MGM Financial Corp

“I’m the president of a mid-sized technology company. The Brighter Dental Direct Plan allows us to offer a reasonably priced dental benefit to our staff. As any business owner will tell you, benefits are ultra important to your employee! With this plan, you can make them happy, and save a lot of money. I would certainly recommend this dental plan to other business owners!”

E. EisenConcate Technologies

“I am writing to thank you for giving us the opportunity to give our employees a dental benefit. We have researched many plans available thru many different companies and have found the Quality Health Care Group to be the best out there. We look forward to giving our employees a dental plan in which they can feel comfortable and also a plan that we can set up in a way that works best for us.”

J. MannaPerfection Plus

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